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Harpagófito РProperties of this powerful natural anti-inflammatory

The¬† harpagophyte¬† ( Harpagophytum¬† procumbens or Devil’s Claw)¬† is a medicinal plant belonging to the family of pedil√°ceas. It is highly valued as a¬† powerful natural anti-inflammatory , as its long roots are used to relieve pain, since they have multiple medicinal properties.

Although this plant is not as popular as others, it can do a lot of good to your health and in fact it is one of the most recommended natural alternatives for the¬† treatment of various types of pain , which has placed it at the head from the list of what are known as ‚Äúsuperfoods‚ÄĚ.

What is the harpagophyte?

Harpagofito is a medicinal plant that contains a lot of healing properties. There are so many health benefits that it is not surprising that many  tribes of Madagascar have been  using it, since time immemorial, to relieve muscle ailments and eliminate inflammation.

From it we can say that:

  • It is a¬† creeping shrub , typical of the Kalahari desert and Madagascar, places where it grows without needing to be cultivated
  • Its leaves are fleshy and it stands out for its¬† bright flowers of an intense violet color
  • Its fruits are capsules provided with hook-like appendages, which makes it known as¬† devil’s claw or devil’s claw
  • The benefits of the plant are due to the¬† water accumulated in its roots
  • The success achieved by this plant is such that the¬† German Ministry of Health has approved its use¬† to combat arthritis, dyspepsia and arthralgia.
  • Its positive action also extends to the treatment of other pathologies such as¬† spine, knee and hip osteoarthritis.
  • Taking into account that 20% of the population suffers from chronic joint pain, this is a¬† very effective and economical natural option.

If what you are reading makes you be inclined to think that the harpagophyte is a drug of nature that can greatly alleviate your pain, we have much more to tell you about this wonderful anti-inflammatory.


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What is the devil’s claw for?

We have already made reference to the fact that the root of this plant is a potent analgesic and anti-inflammatory, absolutely natural and therefore lacks most of the contraindications that pharmacological treatments present.

Although there are many possible presentations, which we will discuss later, we want to talk about the possibility that you use  harpagofito cream  as a magnificent substitute for traditional creams, with therapeutic effects much more potent than the latter.

For this reason, in Germany, 75% of medicinal prescriptions to mitigate the painful effects of rheumatism, are based on this plant, which combine with other substances such as peppermint and arnica .

The devil’s claw in cream is one of the most recommended formats since it is applied directly to the skin, in the painful area, promoting a fast and direct action.

It is  a very comfortable and easy to apply format , which is quickly absorbed, so that the body immediately perceives its effects. Spread it directly on the inflamed or painful area and its beneficial effects will not wait.

We must start from the basis that this cream is mainly composed of pure harpagofito extract and natural oils derived from it, being a treatment of the most effective for inflammations and pains.

You should apply it  two to three times a day , depending on the intensity and frequency of pain, being very useful for those who suffer chronic back pain and others associated with rheumatoid arthritis.

The athletes  have in the presentations that mix harpagofito with arnica some powerful allies, because this combination has the ability to relieve all kinds of muscle aches from exercise.

In recent times, this root is being included in combinations designed to improve  skin with acne , as it acts as a repair for wounded skin and as a healing. In addition, it has antioxidant effects that keep the skin free of impurities, which is extremely important for those who have mild or moderate acne.

Main medicinal properties of harpagophyte

The medicinal properties of harpagofito do not seem to have an end, although there are certain applications in which its use is especially recommended, such as:

  • Anti-inflammatory ¬†This is the property for which this substance has become famous in all corners of the world. The plant has different substances that make it able to fight inflamed tissues. The pure devil’s claw that is extracted from the root is mostly used to alleviate the painful symptoms¬† of rheumatism and osteoarthritis .

If you are wondering about the possibility of taking the devil’s nail along with the treatment that the specialist recommends, do not doubt that you can do it, thus achieving a faster and more intense effect.

  • Treatment against arthritis. ¬†Pure harpagophyte is the best natural remedy known to treat arthritis, since it is not only effective in relieving pain but also in softening the stiffness that osteoarthritis produces at the level of hips and knees, but also in the lumbar area, for what you can use the virtues of the devil’s claw in cream.

In a matter of ten days you will be noticing the improvement in the pains that are associated with this hard disease, with the additional advantage that  for your purchase  you will not need a prescription , so you can access it at any time.

  • Beneficial for diabetes. ¬†The hypoglycemic effect of harpagofito means that diabetics can benefit from the benefits of this natural drug. By lowering glucose levels, patients suffering from type 2 diabetes mellitus are the ideal candidates to take it.

However, its intake should be done under strict medical control, since the glycemic controls carried by diabetes must be continuously supervised by health personnel.

As for insulin-dependent diabetics, they should not take harpagophyte in any case, as low blood glucose would be absolutely counterproductive for them.

  • Bone pain relief. ¬†The anti-inflammatory effect of harpagophyte allows the relief of joint pain thanks to its anti-inflammatory action. In addition, the intake of this substance is good for those who need to enhance the mobility and flexibility of their joints. At the same time, it will help them prevent cartilage from degenerating.

Recent studies have come to compare the devil’s claw with certain painkillers of renowned brands in terms of reducing pain¬† and all in a completely natural way!

  • Analgesic. ¬†When it comes to fighting pain and inflammation, nothing better than relying on harpagophyte in all its presentations, although the cream will be sensational for the remarkable and immediate relief of its annoying symptoms.

If you suffer from migraines and neck and back pain, once you have tried it, you will not be able to do without this natural medicine with which you will soon notice a significant improvement of your symptoms.

  • Healing ¬†After an operation, and as long as your doctor approves it, you will be able to resort to the topical use of the devil’s claw to achieve a faster healing and a reduction in itching, not having to take in any other presentation that can interact with the antibiotic medication that have prescribed. You should not take it before the operation, due to its possible interference with anticoagulant medicines.

As a general rule, the use of harpagofito is usually noticed quickly in patients, which is not an obstacle for some of them to recognize that they began to feel the effects of the treatment one month after its onset. Some other benefits that are attributed to the root of this shrub that comes from South Africa are specified in:

  • Relief of gastrointestinal discomfort. ¬†Being a digestive plant, it greatly mitigates these discomforts, since it is capable of naturally increasing the production of bile, which leads to the improvement of digestive function.

Those who have appetite problems should also take it since it acts as a stimulant of taste buds, which encourages the body to produce more gastric juices and the desire to eat appear. However, people suffering from ulcer should not ingest this plant, since its benefits are incompatible with this condition.

  • Decrease in cholesterol levels. ¬†Harpagophyte will contribute to lowering your levels of bad cholesterol in the blood.
  • Antioxidant function ¬†This plant is plagued with soluble antioxidants, always being used for the treatment of liver and kidney diseases. Madagascar tribes have also been using it to lower fever and treat malaria symptoms.
  • Relief of menstrual cramps . Menstrual cycles are often loaded for women with a series of annoying symptoms that are repeated month after month and, at times, can be a real obstacle when performing their daily chores.

Taking devil’s claw can be a simple way to reduce such discomfort in “those days”, so do not underestimate its power when it comes to eating it and applying it to your belly in cream.

  • Depurativo powerful . Since this plant makes it easier for you to naturally expel uric acid through the urine, it can improve arthritis and gout.
  • Effective antispasmodic. ¬†Harpagofito intake can make your intestinal spasms go down in history, also improving biliary and renal colic, as well as the irritable bowel.
  • Other properties ¬†of harpagophyte are the possibility of combating atherosclerosis, rheumatism and arthralgia, as well as ending muscle spasms due to its relaxing properties. They can also reduce the sensation of pain, which makes Africans use it for the birth of women.

How do you take the harpagophyte?

Harpagophyte, which is already considered the best natural alternative to anti-inflammatory drugs, must contain in its standard dose at least 9.5 milligrams of harpagósido or harpagina, to be fully effective, and the treatments cannot last less than 8 or 12 weeks

His presentations are the most varied. Previously we have been referring to the devil’s claw in cream, although there is another series of formats whose specific uses you should know:

  • In tablets or capsules , of which you should take between 2.5 and 3 grams per day in 3 doses, depending on the intensity of pain or discomfort.
  • Powder to prepare infusions , of which you must ingest 3 grams daily.
  • In liquid extract , which you should take about 30 or 40 drops daily, in 3 doses, which will taste better if you mix them with water, fruit juices or yogurts.
  • In tincture , of which you must ingest around 50 drops daily, also mixed with water or fruit juice.
  • As a dry plant, in bulk or in containers prepared for sale. ¬†If you want to achieve more versatile effects, try mixing it with other herbs such as mint, white willow, viburnum or yarrow. As a dry plant, you should ingest a tablespoon of harpagofito per glass of water, at a rate of 2 to 3 times a day. If you add other plants such as mint, lemongrass or licorice, you¬† will better tolerate its bitter taste .

You should know that there are specific formulas to take the devil’s nail if what hurts you is your back, if you have muscle pain or if it is the athlete’s conditions that afflict you, so a deep knowledge of the plant will help you get better and More prompt results.

Possible contraindications of the devil’s nail

The possibilities offered by harpagofito for your health and personal well-being are numerous and almost incredible. He thinks that all part of the active ingredients that contain the roots of the harpago and, to make more concrete, of the water that is within its roots. Its richness lies in a substance that is called  harpagoside  and that is a molecule belonging to iridoid glycosides.

As for its possible  side effects , our recommendation is that you stick to the recommended daily doses of harpagofito, since not following the established guidelines would not do your body any good. The adverse effects that we will describe below will also appear if you exceed the treatment time, so this superfood must be present in your pantry, but subject to specific periods of taking.

Stomach aches, diarrhea, tiredness, nausea, vomiting and the possible decrease in blood sugar levels are some of the risks you run from not doing things right.

In any case, and although these harmful effects are not frequent, they are associated with their intake in drops or capsules, not with the application of harpagofito cream.

As for its  contraindications , you should ask them before starting treatment and they mean that they should not be taken by pregnant or breastfeeding women, or by those who observe that their consumption causes them some type of allergic reaction or by children, men with prostate problems, hypoglycemic people or suffering from an ulcer.

Those who have problems with alcohol should refrain from taking it in tincture, opting for the capsules or cream.

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