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Goji Berries – Analysis of their properties, benefits and contraindications

Goji berries are a fruit that has become especially fashionable in recent years for their anti aging properties.¬†This food is very rich in¬† fiber ¬†and¬† antioxidants ¬†(carotenes such as lycopene or lutein,¬† vitamin C ¬†and E and¬† minerals such ¬†as¬† magne s io ), which helps prevent oxidation-related processes. ¬†For this reason and its complete nutritional content, Goji berries are often included in the category of so-called “superfoods.”

Goji Berries – Analysis of their properties, benefits and contraindications

Goji berries, goji cherries or goji are the red or orange fruit of the  Lycium barbarum or Lycium chinense plant , which belongs to the Solanaceae family native to China but naturalized in Europe. In fact, in ancient times it was called  spina benedicta , because the  relics of the crown of Christ that are kept in Rome are lithium (a species of plant that also belongs to the Solanaceae family  ).

Considered an ideal superfood¬† to stand up to aging,¬† goji berries are all the rage in any corner of the planet. Used in China to improve longevity and health for thousands of years, it is one of the most nutrient dense foods that you can find with an endless cast that includes phytonutrients, vitamins and antioxidants among many other virtues …

Goji Berries - Analysis of their properties, benefits and contraindications

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 What are the benefits of goji berries?

Goji berries will captivate you from the beginning. If you become ‚Äúaddicted‚ÄĚ to them, you will enjoy their innumerable benefits, recognized by the most prestigious nutritionists in the world. Enter them in your diet dry or in juice as many celebrities are already doing and feel the following advantages:

  • Increase ¬†longevity , protecting from premature aging by its antioxidant action that prevents the attack of free radicals
  • Increase ¬†strength and energy , especially when you’re convalescent of a disease
  • They will make you feel rejuvenated ¬†because they stimulate the release of human growth hormone by the pituitary gland
  • You will recover the ¬†libido
  • They will balance your¬† blood sugar levels ¬†by their betaine content, a substance that prevents fatty liver disease and vascular damage
  • Your liver and kidneys will work better for you¬†
  • You will have an improved view and more easily adapted to the darkness. The carotenoids of goji berries protect against cataracts and macular degeneration
  • You will enjoy optimal blood¬† pressure levels
  • You will activate¬† disease resistance
  • Strengthen your¬† RESPONSE to ¬†immune
  • Goji berries will lower your cholesterol¬† levels¬† by containing beta-sitosterol. Your flavonoids keep arteries open and functioning normally
  • You will have a¬† stimulated brain ¬†that will avoid Alzheimer’s style problems
  • You will be prevented from¬† coronary heart disease and with a heart strengthened¬† by its content in cyperone and anthocyanins
  • They slow¬† lipid peroxidation , a common cause of heart disease
  • They help¬† cancer prevention ¬†because they contain germanium and antioxidants as well as unique polysaccharides that stop mutations that can lead to tumors
  • They help ¬†cancer recovery¬† by promoting cell growth
  • Reduce the toxic effects caused by treatments such¬† as radiation and chemotherapy
  • They are recommended to patients with ¬†diabetes¬† as blood glucose levels decrease
  • They repair and restore the DNA ¬†since the betaine and the polysaccharides they contain act on the DNA that has suffered damage
  • Improve the number of¬† lymphocytes
  • They correct the¬† lumbago
  • They help in case of infertility¬† of¬† both men and women as it is believed that they can restore Jing, which is the reproductive essence for Asians
  • Goji berries alleviate¬† chronic dry cough, ¬†alone or in combination with other herbs
  • They fight against¬† anxiety and stress in ¬†dealing with energy reserves that end difficulties
  • You will feel happier ¬†because consuming them regularly encourages a cheerful attitude
  • They improve digestion ¬†by effectively treating atrophic gastritis. For this, nothing better than taking them in highly bioavailable juice
  • They end the ¬†dizziness
  • Mitigate the discomforts of¬† menopause
  • Help in case of ¬†impotence
  • They treat¬† weak joints
  • Relieve lower back problems¬† and strengthen bones and muscles¬† in general
  • They fight against¬† headaches
  • They fight¬† insomnia
  • They are indicated for¬† patients with tuberculosis
  • They prevent¬† anemia¬† by containing large amounts of carbohydrates, vitamin C and iron

Goji Berries - Analysis of their properties, benefits and contraindications

The quality of its nutrients is as incredible as the multiple advantages it brings to our body. And if something was missing from goji berries, they are delicious!

Its fruits are similar to raisins and have a reddish hue that combines the sweet taste with a slightly bitter one. This plant, cataloged as¬† “adaptogen” ¬†grows in areas as diverse as they can be deserts and tropics. Similarly, they tolerate freezing temperatures and usually dry for better conservation.

Chinese, Mongolian and Tibetan cultivated goji berries for more than 5000 years and in Tibet it resembles a national treasure.

Being an adaptogen, it  has the ability to invigorate and strengthen the body while fighting stress  thanks to the support of the adrenal (adrenal) glands.

As you are checking, with goji berries everything is adding and continuing, stay with us because their benefits seem to grow at times …

Goji Properties

To this plant that, as we have been saying, has its origin in the East and provides energizing effects to those who take it daily, it is attributed the  increase in mental capacity and concentration , due to its betaine content, which in the body becomes choline.

There are those who talk about the ‚Äúmiraculous effects‚ÄĚ of goji berries, among which an exclusive nutritional profile¬† that you will not find in any other food is worth mentioning¬† . As for its macronutrients, it must be said that they are composed of 68% carbohydrates, 12% protein, 10% fat and 10% dietary fiber.

Regarding the calories it provides, we would be talking about 370 kilocalories per 100 grams of dried berries you eat.

Goji berries contain 19 amino acids among which essential  amino acids  and  minerals  and  trace elements such  as calcium, potassium, iron, zinc and selenium stand out. The latter, together with germanium, is useful in cancer treatments.

Its remarkable amounts of vitamins are also noteworthy, especially  vitamin B1, B2, B6, C and E.

Appreciable is also its content in  carotenoids  that include beta carotene, lutein, lycopene and xanthophyll. Only carotene, goji berries contain more than carrots, hence their antioxidant properties.

Among its  essential fatty acids,  we can mention  linoleic acid , a fat loss promoter.

As  anti-aging  is priceless given its high amounts of antioxidants, which slow down the aging process.

Regarding the  improvement of sight , it is based on its  high percentage of B-carotene  that rubs 8mg per 100 grams of goji berries, a very active principle at the biological level that makes the body assimilate it easily.

Lose weight without starving

Goji berries will be phenomenal for you to lose weight effortlessly while improving your health and delaying the effects of aging on your body. With them, you will be able to control those extra kilos for the following reasons:

  • Its high fiber content ¬†that will make the dreaded feeling of hunger delay its appearance thanks to goji berries
  • You can consume them in¬† juice ¬†so that this drink will act as an appetite reducer and as an accelerator in the fat burning process
  • By tending to¬† lower blood sugar levels , you may lose excess abdominal fat
  • To the extent that they¬† balance glucose levels , we will not have so much need to eat sweets which favors the monitoring of the diet
  • The reduction in cholesterol associated ¬†with its intake, due to its antioxidant efficacy, among other reasons, also reduces body fat levels.
  • Its linoleic acid content¬† also promotes fat loss
  • Since it¬† increases energy levels it ¬†encourages the practice of exercise and encourages you to start a diet

If we start from the basis that proposing to lose weight has a remarkable psychological factor, in goji berries you can have powerful allies to get your ideal weight and maintain it afterwards.

Get a glowing skin

You can get a much younger looking skin if you drink goji berry extract, without using aggressive chemicals or the most expensive plastic surgeries.

Goji berries called wolfberries are a fruit considered magical by the ability that is presupposed to extend life and, in any case, what we can assure you is that if you take it, you will  rejuvenate several years  because it has the following positive effects on your skin:

  • Paralyzes acne , by reducing inflammation and improving blood circulation
  • Tones the skin and compact the pores ¬†while increasing the production of collagen
  • Hide the scars ¬†by significantly reducing them, improving your blood circulation and repairing your damaged areas
  • Preserve the damage caused by the sun ¬†due to the high concentration of antioxidants in goji berries that protect against damage from UV rays and moisturize skins that are too dry due to excessive sun exposure

Goji Berries - Analysis of their properties, benefits and contraindications

How to take goji berries

The important thing is to incorporate your intake into our daily healthy habits being able to take goji berries in different ways, in the form of juice, tea, smoothies or vegetable drinks or adding them to other types of foods such as cereals, salads or yogurt. Other people choose to consume them in capsules.

A good idea is to add them to your favorite recipes, both fresh and dried, as they will give you that  pleasant touch of flavor halfway between cranberry and cherry.

In Asia they are revered to the point that there are numerous legends about them and throughout their central area they celebrate an annual party in their honor that lasts nothing more and nothing less than two weeks, for being the food selected by Traditional Chinese Medicine, of millenary origin ,  for the recovery of chi or vital energy .

Specifically among the inhabitants of the valleys of the Himalayas, the Hunzas are known to be the healthiest and happiest people on Earth. Their longevity impacts their own and strangers, in the same way that the capacity they have developed to overcome diseases and aging does. In this it has played a fundamental role both living at 4000 meters high, away from all levels of pollution and healthy eating. Especially goji berries.

Tibetan goji berries are cream survivors which is backed by the circumstance that they grow wild and dry in the sun naturally at altitudes that exceed 4000 meters in the Himalayas. They withstand the toughest weather conditions on the planet, with a very high level of solar energy, which has meant that, to support it, this food has developed unmatched characteristics.


The recommended dose is equivalent to  between 5 and 10 grams per day , that is,  between 20 and 40 berries  that we can eat as they come directly in the container, that is, dehydrated or adding them to other dishes.

Goji Berries - Analysis of their properties, benefits and contraindications

Some people also find it similar to the taste of raisins and among the many ways in which they can be consumed, it is especially recommended that of dehydrated berry, which we have previously washed in water and left for a while to soak.

Where to buy them

This food can be purchased in herbalists or specialty stores as well as in establishments dedicated to Asian food, although you always have the option to purchase it online at Amazon comfortably and with the guarantee that your items respond to an exquisite selection that ensures the best relationship price quality.

It is essential to follow the indications that appear in the package and carefully read the information, in order to corroborate its origin, thus having the opportunity to choose from among the products offered to us, the most natural ones.

If you decide to buy goji berries in juices, such drinks must contain a high percentage of this food so that the price paid for them is balanced. Occasionally, juices are already mixed with other types of berries and red fruits, which results in  an antioxidant product  of great value.

The essential thing is to verify the place where the berries have been processed and their nutritional values.

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Warnings, precautions and contraindications

Always talk to your doctor before starting to eat goji berries. Some companies may say they have fewer side effects than medications. But goji berries can interact with any medications you are currently taking.

You should avoid adding goji berries to your diet if you suffer from the following:

    • you have low blood sugar
    • are you using or anticoagulants
    • you have high or low blood pressure
    • you are breastfeeding or pregnant (it could cause an abortion)
    • you are allergic to fruit


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