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flax seed – – All its properties

The scientific name of the plant says a lot: Linum usitatissimum , “very useful flax”. ¬†Its cultivation probably began in the Middle East about 10,000 years ago, and for 5,000 years there have been historical references of the use of its fiber to make clothes and make ropes, among many other uses.¬†

Egyptian mummies were wrapped in linen sheets that symbolized purity and divine light. Until the 18th century it was the fiber most used by Europeans along with wool until it was replaced by cotton and synthetic materials.

flax seed – – All its properties

Currently, most of the world harvest is destined to the production of oil for industrial purposes – it is used in varnishes and paints – and for animal feed.

Flax or linseed  (Linum usitatissimum)  is, in the variety known as flaxseeds, a superfood that will surprise you with its  large amount of micronutrients beneficial to the human body , among which the cure and prevention of numerous diseases stand out.

flax seed - - All its properties

If you are interested in having all the possible information about the so-called¬† ‚Äúmiracle seeds‚ÄĚ, follow us because its effects will not leave you indifferent. Flax is the plant from which these seeds are extracted, also called flaxseed, and oil.

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Properties and benefits of flax seeds

The flax plant has not only served as a source of food and fiber to make garments with them, but also for other uses, among which the creation of ship sails, for example, what we mention as simple curiosity.

As for its  properties and benefits , the following stand out:

  • They will make you lose weight.¬†Thanks to its high content of healthy fats and fiber, which will help you feel satiated
  • They will keep your cholesterol levels at bay. ¬†Whenever you enter them in your daily diet, you will see these levels reduced in the most natural way
  • Ideal food for coeliacs. ¬†Those who cannot take grains that contain gluten will see in these seeds their ideal substitute
  • The best antioxidant ¬†Think that lignans are polyphenols that will provide you with countless antioxidant benefits
  • Its richness in fiber. ¬†By concentrating high levels of mucilage (gum), gelling agent with great benefits for the intestinal tract
  • As prevention for cancer. ¬†Its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties suggest it.
  • They promote digestive health. ¬†Because flax alfalinolenic helps protect the lining of the digestive tract
  • Counteract the annoying symptoms of menopause. ¬†Therefore, they are considered a good alternative to hormone replacement therapies.
  • Your hair and skin will thank you. ¬†You will get healthier skin, hair and nails and improve cases of acne, eczema and rosacea
  • They act as a natural aphrodisiac. ¬†In order to use flaxseed oil to massage your partner, you will notice reliving the passion

flax seed - - All its properties

What are these seeds for?

Apart from all the properties just mentioned, flaxseeds or flaxseed are containers of a substance similar to prostaglandin, which regulates the function and pressure of the arteries, so they play a crucial role in fat metabolism , of energy and calcium.

Thus  flax is the only food that has the ability to block the path of estrogen , thanks to the strange combination that is given of an omega-3 fatty acid and a weak estrogen.

The large amount of dietary fiber that flax seeds contain and that are the main known source of omega 3 fatty acids as well as weak estrogens, make it a¬† privileged food . Other flaxen’s most notable capabilities are the reduction of estrogen in fat cells, the limitation of estrogen stimulation, the increase in the number of estrogen transporters and the prolongation of the period of menstruation.

On the other hand, phytochemicals called lignans are one of the most potent anticancer drugs that can occur in nature. Specifically, these properties are blamed for colon, breast, lung or prostate cancer, simply with the gesture of adding ground flaxseed seed to the usual diets.

The explanation for this is that it has been shown that lignins are  powerful weapons in the fight against the chemicals that cause cancer , blocking estrogen receptors.

Regarding the amounts of fiber they contain, they are higher than those found in the rest of cereals, so they are very suitable for weight loss, to reduce cholesterol and to say goodbye to constipation.

Other substances very beneficial to the body that contain flax seeds are:

Minerals  among which calcium, potassium, magnesium, iron, iodine, copper, phosphorus and zinc stand out.

Vitamins B, C, E and K , almost all antioxidants.

Digestive enzymes and amino acids such  as cysteine, leucine and isoleucine.

Phenolic compounds  that are also antioxidants. Recent studies are giving great importance to this group of molecules, which are attributed a great number of interesting properties for our health.

Special mention deserves the fact that, taken in the appropriate doses, these seeds  hardly present contraindications . In any case, it must be taken into account that they should not be taken by those people who suffer from irrculitis or irritable bowel.

flax seed - - All its properties

If ingested in excess (the recommended dose is about 25 grams daily), stomach pain and diarrhea may occur.

Diseases that fight

Flax seeds, apart from serving to help in the prevention of cancer, are formidable to end:

  • Inflammatory and cardiac diseases
  • Pathologies associated with overweight and diabetes
  • Sexual problems, sperm formation, sterility and abortion
  • Various allergies
  • Additions to drugs and alcohol
  • Skin, nail and hair problems
  • Stress associated with our fast standard of living
  • Lack of energy, since it is a revitalizing
  • Fluid retention, adrenal function, poor glandular functioning and cystic fibrosis
  • Vision problems
  • Schizophrenia and bipolar depression
  • Multiple sclerosis

If the virtues of these little seeds are catching you, continue reading because we have much more to tell you about them …

Ideals against constipation

One of the main qualities attributed to flax seeds is that of their ability to end constipation. Only by macerating flax seeds will they be able to see how your intestinal transit works in the most natural way.

As we have indicated,  the richness both in fibers and in omega 3   and omega 6 fatty acids of flaxseed is ideal to complement a healthy and balanced diet, which must necessarily be varied.

Thus, flax seeds are not only a food but also a basic ingredient in the development of natural products with which to care for your skin. One of the most popular made from this substance is  flaxseed oil , widely marketed.

As food it is extremely versatile. Everyone knows the possibility of taking flax seeds both whole and in salads, but what you may not know is that with them you can also make drinks. Its benefits include¬† flaxseed water,¬† with which you will see your blood glucose levels controlled, as well as reduced cholesterol and triglycerides or¬† flaxseed milk , a perfect substitute for cow’s milk for lactose intolerant.

Now, if what you need is to end the dreaded constipation, which can wreak havoc on your health, macerating flax seeds is a great solution. Regularly consuming flaxseed will greatly help you to stop suffering this situation definitively.

flax seed - - All its properties

Mace the flaxseed and regulate your intestinal transit

With the single help  of a teaspoon of flax seeds and a cup of water  you can macerate flaxseed and contribute to your intestinal transit is correct. Just put the seeds in a mortar in order to grind them a little. The cup of water should be poured into a bowl of a somewhat larger size, add the ground seeds and let them macerate about 8 hours.

It will be enough for you to take a teaspoon of such maceration half an hour before breakfast, when you are still fasting and a second teaspoon half an hour before going to sleep.

If you are wondering what exactly flax seeds can do to end your constipation, the answer is as follows:

  • They will provide your body with the fiber it needs every day , since the fiber contained in flax is incredibly useful to meet that need. With this simple gesture, you will be introducing much more fiber into your eating habits
  • You will see your constipation improved. ¬†To the extent that its high fiber content is again a highly recommended option both to prevent and to fight with occasional constipation. In the event that your constipation problems become habitual, you should consult a specialist
  • They will purify your body. ¬†Being a magnificent natural scrubber for yourself
  • They will favor proper digestion. ¬†Since they contain digestive enzymes that are an excellent way to improve intestinal transit

flax seed - - All its properties

How to take flax seeds

A good way to take them is to crush them with the help, for example, of a coffee grinder and take about 25 grams a day by incorporating them into the bread you make at home or your favorite pastry such as buns or biscuits, which whenever you can is better than integral.

Mix the  crushed flax  with your juices, yogurts, sauces, soups or salads, because these seeds are a great and delicious complement to your diet. You must crush them so that you will break the hard outer layer that they are provided with and human enzymes will thus be more benefited with their properties.

In this delicious way you will be helping to curb one of the great evils that afflict society today, such as  diabetes  since the high concentration of flax fiber promotes the reduction of blood sugar levels, preventing this sickness.

To the extent that glucose is the main source of energy for the human organism, it is crucial to keep its levels balanced. Lean on it on the linen and your health will win.

To expand information on  how to take flax seeds  we have prepared the following post.

Flaxseed to cleanse the colon and burn fat

Flaxseeds are, as we have already mentioned,  powerful anti-cancer . In addition, its richness in dietary fiber will allow you to lose weight easily and see your cholesterol levels reduced.

The properties associated with flax will not stop surprising. This home remedy, whose applications do not seem to have an end, is the most valued to clean the colon and burn fat.

flax seed - - All its properties

The way he does it is very simple. On the basis that the intestines (or the colon) have the mission of eliminating any fecal or parasitic deposits, sometimes we find that the bowel movements are not total and  we accumulate waste . Thus, diseases often appear caused by toxins that pollute the bloodstream, causing extensive damage to the body,

As a result we will find not only the possibility of suffering from constipation, but also other more serious diseases such as diabetes, kidney or liver diseases, accelerated metabolism, hearing or vision problems, weakening of hair, skin and nails, arthritis or cancer tumors.

What is the relationship between colon cleansing and weight loss?

A formidable idea if you want to lose weight is to make sure that you will have a clean colon beforehand. For this, the elimination of wastes that accumulate in the body and that will make you more swollen than normal is essential, which is sometimes caused by an unbalanced intake of food.

Such bad habits are likely to also cause abdominal pain, malaise, allergies, digestive problems and overweight. Therefore, when you decide to lose weight and, therefore, get a colon cleanse  you have to adopt a healthier diet  that includes plenty of fruits and vegetables, as well as whole grains, fibers and nuts.

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