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Chlorella, the seaweed with fabulous properties

The chlorella is living what is probably her  second golden age . Marketed mainly in the form of  a nutritional supplement , the companies that produce it attribute all kinds of properties:  weight loss aid ,  immune system enhancer  or  chelating agent  (to eliminate heavy metals from the body), which has intentionally earned the recurring superfood label  .

Chlorella, the seaweed with fabulous properties

Chlorella or chlorella  (Chlorella vulgaris)  are unicellular green freshwater algae of the Clorophyta phylum that have been studied for the amazing benefits that this superfood brings to our health. Despite this, its best known ability is to  detoxify the body , since it binds toxins and expels them from its system.

Chlorella, the seaweed with fabulous properties

This¬† “nutrient wonder” ¬†is present in any list of superfoods worth its salt, with healing properties attributed to dozens of diseases. Rival by nature of spirulina, most likely once you know the benefits of both, introduce both algae in your healthy eating habits.

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What is chlorella?

It is a unicellular algae of the chlorellaceae family that has high healing and medicinal properties and whose main component is  chlorophyll , a very positive substance for our body. A very versatile food that is fashionable and you should know the following:

  • If you consume it, you will be inserting in your diet a¬† food of the most complete
  • Its composition highlights¬† its high amount of protein and levels of vegetable fats, carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins
  • It is an excellent¬† cell regenerator
  • It cannot be mass produced but today this problem is being solved
  • It contains¬† 19 amino acids among which all the essential ones stand out
  • It is the plant that ¬†hosts more¬† chlorophyll worldwide so it cleanses our vital organs
  • It has many¬† detoxifying properties ¬†that favor the general state of our body

Chlorella, the seaweed with fabulous properties

What will the chlorella that has conquered divinities of the likes of actress Rosie Huntintong or the model Miranda Kerr have? ¬†The first classifies this food as “a great way to start the day” while the second admits that it is taken to keep your skin under control. If it works for them, why won’t it work for you?

The chlorella is that ‚Äúlittle box of surprises‚ÄĚ that, when you know it, you will not want to miss‚Ķ Keep reading because its wonders seem endless.

An amazing food source

Chlorella is a food that leaves no one indifferent, to the point that various clinical studies speak of its¬† positive incidence in Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s patients ¬†since it contains a phytochemical capable of regenerating the nerve damage suffered by the brain.

Its high content of essential fatty acids of the GLA type  that are often lacking in many diets and that are nevertheless essential for the body, also make it highly  recommended, since they are determinants for the development of  optimal brain function.

Chlorella Properties

Among its properties are:

  • It is an¬† extraordinary source of chlorophyll ¬†which confers detoxifying and purifying effects, being the vegetable that can provide more content of this nutrient
  • Along with it, it is worth highlighting its high amount of protein and its important levels of vegetable fats, as well as minerals and vitamins
  • It is especially indicated for people suffering¬† from liver disorders and for habitual drinkers and smokers
  • Effectively combat ¬†constipation
  • Those who need a certain level of “regeneration or reconstruction” for suffering¬† degenerative diseases in muscles or nervous system ¬†among others, will have an ally ideal in the chlorella
  • It provides very beneficial effects in people whose¬† health is weakened

Know your growth factor

Especially valuable is the CGF or Chlorella Growth Factor, which means Chlorella Growth Factor, an element of the most complex and exclusive whose mission is to  sustain growth in a natural way .

Chlorella, the seaweed with fabulous properties

Keep in mind that the lactic bacteria that are required to have a good intestinal flora, when taking CGF multiply by 4, so that chlorella acts as a  prebiotic element  in relation to said flora. Other of its benefits are:

  • It helps to ¬†strengthen immune defenses , particularly in people with middle or advanced age
  • Remarkably improves ¬†physical endurance
  • It can¬† increase longevity , as can be seen from experiments carried out with animals
  • It significantly decreases¬† the reproduction of pathogenic viruses and bacteria ¬†and the growth of the division of cells, before tumors of diverse nature, both benign and malignant.
  • It exerts a¬† protective action against liver cancers, leukemias and tumors that are caused by hormonal disorders , such as breast cancer

As for its composition, the CGF is extremely rich in  nucleic acids  that are required to build, renovate, repair and maintain the various organs that make up the human organism.

In addition, the CGF contains a large number of vitamins, substances close to glucose, amino acids, enzymes, complex proteins and glycoproteins, the latter, very popular given its detoxifying and preventive action of cancer.

If we start from the basis that in the last third of life the percentage of nucleic acids in the body decreases, a process that accompanies aging and weakening of immune defenses, nothing better than the CGF to stand up to said process and slow it down.

Chlorella benefits

We are already clear that the essential amino acids play a crucial role when it comes to operating our body, hence they are called essential. If chlorella gives you 19 amino acids, among which are all considered so, there is little else to comment on.

Its high  chlorophyll  content cleanses our body at the level of lymphatic system, intestines and blood.

And as for our  immune system,  this algae gives it a boost.

Other benefits would be:

  • Its richness in¬† vitamin B, E and carotenoids
  • Its high content of¬† minerals such as zinc, magnesium and iron

As for the toxins that helps to eliminate the body, mercury stands out  . Some of the people who are at risk of having too much mercury in their body are those who have metal dental fillings or who eat too much fish

  • It helps to¬† mitigate the side effects of radiation treatments or chemotherapy.
  • Its extract is indicated to help people suffering from¬† glioma , a type of brain tumor, to the extent that it favors their tolerance to chemotherapy and radiotherapy, probably given the stimulation they exert on their immune system
  • Those who suffer from ¬†fibromyalgia ¬†usually feel relieved if they take chlorella in pills to which they add a liquid extract containing malic acid daily and for 2 months
  • It can help prevent ¬†cancer
  • It is recommended to lose weight
  • Prevents the appearance of ¬†colds
  • It is recommended for people suffering¬† from Crohn’s disease
  • It helps prevent and improve the conditions of those diagnosed with¬† diseases of the digestive system such as ulcers, ulcerative colitis, bad breath and constipation
  • It can balance ¬†tension and cholesterol

Its benefits seem endless but there is still much more …

Keep those extra pounds at bay …

Perhaps you have already proven that losing weight is becoming increasingly complicated as you turn years. In this sense, it seems proven that ingesting chlorella results in striking reductions in the percentage of body fat, total serum cholesterol and fasting blood sugar levels.

With chlorella you can benefit because it helps regulate hormones, improves circulation and promotes higher energy levels, eliminates stored toxins and  reduces weight and body fat .

Think that when you start a weight loss regime, the body needs first of all a detoxification that requires drinking between 2.5 and 3 liters of water a day.

The organs responsible for such elimination as liver, kidneys, intestines, lungs and skin can be overwhelmed by the large amount of toxins that are released by adipose tissues. From there we can suffer general malaise, headaches and even depression.

For this reason, consuming chlorella at the time of weight loss will be essential for:

  • Reduce the mentioned¬† symptoms of detoxification
  • Provide special substances that act as a stimulus for¬† combustion at the cellular level
  • Whenever you drink it with water , the dreaded feeling of hunger ¬†will diminish and you will be satisfied

You will feel younger

Chlorella will make you look younger. You can delay the aging process because it  reduces the oxidative stress  that can be caused by pollution, bad eating habits or stress.

Its benefits on your skin are based on the natural increase of the levels of vitamin A, vitamin C and glutathione in the body, eliminating free radicals and protecting cells.

As a cellular repairman it is priceless because it is likely that if you are looking for a complete food, by now you know that you have found it but, if we add that it is an  impressive cell regenerator , it is obvious that it is an algae that has Much to contribute to your body.

Reduce blood sugar levels and cholesterol

Type II diabetes and high cholesterol are two of the chronic conditions that most affect the population today. In a few occasions they are caused by the fact of eating poorly, lack of sleep and stress.

Taken at the correct dose, chlorella helps reduce cholesterol and blood glucose levels. Scientific studies show that in principle there is a decrease in cholesterol levels, so that blood sugar levels improve later. It is possible that this food activates some genes at the cellular level that  increase the degree of insulin sensitivity , enhancing the healthy balance of the body.

Why it is beneficial for those with cancer

It seems that the natural tendency of the bodies is the development of cancer cells at some point. An immune system equipped with proper functioning will have the ability to proceed with the attack and destruction of these cells, so that the tumor is not generated. The possible way in which chlorella helps fight cancer is basically centered on 3 pillars:

  • Preventively , strengthening the immune system so that our bodies respond as they should
  • Eliminating heavy metals and toxins ¬†from our body, reducing the chances of developing tumors related to them
  • Once a person has been diagnosed with cancer, it has been found that chlorella¬† promotes the improvement of the activity of T cells ¬†that fight against abnormal cells

Chlorella, the seaweed with fabulous properties

Chlorella contraindications

The main contraindication known to chlorella is that people who abuse their consumption can develop  photosensitivity . On some occasions, an increase in uric acid, stomach upset and nausea may occur. Flatulence and gases would be other inconveniences associated with their intake, given the increase in intestinal peristalsis.

These symptoms may be due to the detoxification process to which this food subjects the body, because it is a  very powerful cleansing mechanism  of our body.

If in the first week of use you notice nausea, diarrhea, gas, green stools or stomach cramps, you should stop the treatment.

Here you can read more about  the contraindications of Chlorella

Appropriate dose

An appropriate dose depends on factors such as the age, health or physical condition of the consumer. However natural a product may be, it should always be taken at the recommended doses.  Be sure to also follow the instructions on the article labeling and consult your GP before starting to consume chlorella.

Some people may tolerate their consumption better than others. Start by taking it gradually, in small amounts, and gradually increase the dose as you see that your body assimilates it well.

Where to buy Chlorella

If you want to be able to choose from a wide variety of chlorella at the best price, buy it on Amazon via online, with total comfort.

Support your immune system and promote vitality, energy and maximum natural cleansing with the chlorella seaweed that has been traditionally used as a detoxifier because it contains abundant minerals, vitamins and amino acids such as RNA and DNA. Can one ask for more?

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Chlorella, the seaweed with fabulous properties