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Camu Camu – Your properties and benefits

Thus, at first, the camu camu evokes absolutely nothing. In fact, it is likely that the vast majority of Spaniards do not even intuit that we are facing a fruit that is already branded as  superfood .

Camu Camu – Your properties and benefits

This fruit, the size of a large grape, purple skin and yellow flesh, stands out above all for its  extraordinary vitamin C content : it provides nothing more and nothing less than 2,145 mg per 100 g. This is the largest amount ever found in an Earth food.

The camu camu or cam√ļ cam√ļ¬† (Myrciaria dubia) ¬†is a shrub native to the Peruvian Amazon that also grows in certain regions of Brazil, Colombia and Venezuela and that has reached great popularity for a few years in this part for being a very healthy food and that it is¬† filled with natural vitamin C .

Camu Camu - Your properties and benefits

Vitamin C helps prevent numerous diseases as it has the ability to strengthen our immune system, providing very effective support to our defenses.

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What is camu camu for?

Increasingly valued among superfoods, it has numerous health benefits that begin with its  extraordinary  antioxidant action  that, among other things, reduces the negative effects caused by free radicals. From this superfood we can also say that:

  • It has a¬† high content of vitamin C , of which it has 16 times more than the pulp of the orange and 60 times more than the lemons
  • Promotes the¬† formation of collagen , which positively affects the formation of teeth, bones, blood vessels and the same skin
  • It helps¬† correct iron absorption , stimulating the natural defenses that the body has
  • Involved in¬† liver clearance , participating in its natural detoxification processes
  • As a consequence of the above, it helps to¬† eliminate fats and toxins that accumulate in the liver
  • It delays aging ¬†and favors the reduction of diabetes-like diseases and hypertension
  • Mitigates the effects of¬† eye diseases , arterioscleriosis, asthma, chronic fatigue syndrome (fibromyalgia) and gingivitis
  • It is also used in¬† depressions and headaches
  • Its consumption is associated with¬† good blood pressure and heart health protection.
  • It is an¬† ideal supplement for joints ¬†with which you can repair tendons and ligaments, as well as cartilage

Camu Camu - Your properties and benefits

Are you convinced of the advantages you will have if you include this delicious fruit in your eating habits?

Properties of Camu Camu

The fruits of camu camu are the size of a medium lemon and its color is orange. Their pulp is yellow and they are full of vitamin C, as we have been saying.

Along with it, it highlights its richness in calcium, potassium, proteins, amino acids, powerful phytochemicals, beta-carotene, flavonoids, anthocyanins, iron, niacin, phosphorus, serine, thiamine and riboflavin.

Its properties are  astringent  (with healing action),  antioxidants  (that protect cells from the harmful effects of free radicals),  anti-inflammatory  (so this fruit is very suitable for those who suffer from arthritis and other diseases related to inflammation) and  anti-virals  (which prevent diseases and flu) as well as emollients, nourishing, antimiginous and antidepressants.

As a strengthening of the immune system, it is unique when it comes to increasing the necessary energy with which to face each day and  improve mood , by increasing serotonin levels, so that it also improves sleep and memory, as well as favors optimal functioning of the nervous system. With this food the necessary nutrients are obtained so that homeostasis is maintained and we can defend ourselves against invaders. This fruit enjoys great appreciation among those who aspire to increase their muscle volume, for the reason that it is very rich in leucine and valine, two amino acids that play a crucial role in it.

Your digestions will develop better than ever thanks to the consumption of camu camu, a fruit that will help your digestive process run normally, thanks to serine.

If you are tending to suffer from  herpes , this wonder of nature will come to you sensational, because it prevents your body from herpes from and other ailments assimilated to them.

It helps¬† prevent degenerative diseases ¬†of the brain, to the extent that this food facilitates the blockage of plaque accumulation in that organ, which leads to diseases such as¬† Alzheimer’s . In parallel, it will be easier for you to concentrate and avoid the so-called “brain fogs.”

As for the dreaded cancer, this fruit helps prevent it, given its antioxidant properties that make it a powerful defense against this disease.

Recent studies have shown that camu camu has greater powers when it comes to combating oxidative stress and inflammation than traditional vitamin C. As an  antidepressant , it is priceless, by maintaining levels of mental and emotional well-being.

Why is it the most powerful antioxidant?

Antioxidants are those substances that are capable of minimizing the harmful effects that free radicals produce in our body, by inhibiting oxidative alterations at the molecular level. These substances are usually found in fruits, seeds and vegetable oils and among the most powerful natural antioxidants we find ascorbic acid (vitamin C), vitamin E, beta-carotene and phenols, including flavonols, tannins and phenolic acids.

Camu Camu - Your properties and benefits

Phenolic compounds exert an impressive antioxidant activity because of their chemical structure that can neutralize free radicals.

Camu camu is one of the fruits that concentrates more vitamin C and phenolic compounds, with an  antioxidant power greater than that of any other tropical fruit , mostly in your skin.

Contraindications of Camu Camu

There are hardly any known adverse effects associated with the consumption of camu camu, only those that are attributed to prolonged use and too much of vitamin C, such as diarrhea and nausea.

In the case of pregnant women and nursing mothers, it is recommended to consult with their doctor before starting to take this food.

The secret of your success

Camu camu is rich in various  polyphenols and in AA2G  (2-0-a-glucopyranosyl L-ascorbic), a very stable and effectively effective vitamin C analogue.

The joint action of both is the result of the recognized biological activity, which gives this fruit high antioxidant capacity that delays the aging of the cells.

The case of camu camu shows that nature not only gives us its benefits through large plants and fruits, but also through shrubs and small fruits such as this Amazonian plant.

This shrub that belongs to plants whose origin is semi-aquatic, also functions as a  natural slimming .

The nutracetic beverage market has promoted camu camu as a great alternative, thanks to its innumerable qualities to heal wounds, promote collagen formation, be anti-flu and prevent diabetes, bronchitis and cough among other lung disorders.

It will help you lose those extra pounds

Camu camu berries are very low in calories so you can consume them in quantity without feeling bad about it. In addition, being very rich in fibers , they keep you satiated for longer , making you not fall for cravings or have a craving to eat. Another advantage is that they do not contain saturated fat.

Camu Camu - Your properties and benefits

It is also a  food for diabetics , being a great option for those who want to prevent or control diabetes. Its glycemic level is very low so it does not give rise to significant increases in sugar levels, while in its favor it must be said that it provides the body with a flavonoid that has antidiabetic effects.

If you want to lose weight, this fruit, with a very pleasant flavor, can not be missing from your shopping list as of today.

How is camu camu prepared?

You can consume the fruit of camu camu in capsules or powder. If you want to enjoy all its properties, it is as simple as stirring a spoonful of powder (very soluble) in a glass of water and adding a touch of natural sweetener such as stevia or coconut.

Another very rich way to drink this fruit is to add its powder to  smoothies, juices, ice cream and yogurts, as well as drinks, sweets, oatmeal and slushies . Keep in mind that their berries resemble those others that you are used to as strawberries, raspberries and blueberries, which are part of your diet. You can also take their berries alone as an exquisite snack.

In summer, you can freeze them and you will calm your craving for food while cooling off. You can include them in tasty desserts such as jellies and jams based on chia or any other that occurs as well as prepare sweet juices with them.

Camu camu powder is obtained by removing the seeds from the fruit and letting it dry slowly, then grind it, obtaining a soluble powder that is marketed with great success.

Its industry largely supports the farmers of the Amazon, where more than 10,000 families depend on the collection of what is known as “Amazon berry.”

Stimulate fertility

The camu camu, also called by the names of guava, myrtle, brush and coco-carette, is a food especially suitable for men who want to conceive and do not get it, which has its origin in its very high concentration in vitamin C.

Recent studies show that vitamin C, for its antioxidant properties, helps repair the sperm DNA molecule, which makes its consumption improve the chances of conceiving in cases of male infertility.

Camu Camu - Your properties and benefits

The reason is that sometimes the sperm stick together, forming what is known as sperm agglutination. Well, the consumption of vitamin C, a substance that is concentrated in camu camu, fulfills the function of activating the specific molecules of the organism that reduce agglutination.

A correct evaluation of male fertility goes through the detailed analysis of the concentration, vitality, mobility and morphology of sperm, apart from other tests.

That said, results of various studies show that a deficit of vitamin C is associated with an increase in genetic damage, abnormalities in sperm and agglutination, so in such cases a consumption of foods rich in vitamin C is recommended, the list of which is headed by camu camu.

Increase your defenses

The camu camu, whose name misses those who do not know it, is a shrub considered as a true gift of nature by the natives of Peru and whose wonders have transcended the rest of the world.

Its tiny reddish spheres have a flavor that will get your attention, endowed with an acid touch. As a natural source of vitamin C, it should all be included in our diet in order to increase our defenses.

In addition, as we have already indicated, thanks to this fruit our skin will produce more collagen, which will be of great help to people with joint problems and, to the extent that it promotes better blood circulation, so it forms more blood vessels , is a reference food for athletes.

Camu Camu - Your properties and benefits

Think that one tenth of a teaspoon of camu camu cherry powder will provide you with more vitamin C than if you had been eating fruits for a whole day and that its richness in the amino acid of valine name prevents the muscles from breaking down, while the fact of that in its composition is the amino acid leucine, branched chain, causes the muscles to be built.

The Japanese love it

Although camu camu is usually consumed as a sweet or traditional supplement in America, the Japanese give more imagination to the intake of this fruit and take it as:

  • A ¬†refreshing ¬†drink that mitigates the harsh weather after a hard workout
  • Adding it to your ¬†alcohol spirits
  • As an ingredient in their ¬†cakes
  • In vinaigrette for your ¬†fresh green salads

Some good ideas to introduce this food in your diet include adding a quarter of a teaspoon of camu camu powder in sparkling water, including it in small amounts in the salt that is used on the edges of the margarita glasses or putting A little in the dressing of your salads.

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Camu Camu - Your properties and benefits