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Turmeric – Benefits and Properties

The  turmeric  is certainly one of the  spices  most appreciated, an essential element of the  kitchen  India , central ingredient of  curry , the prodigious blend of spices flavored stews so many oriental cuisine. It has an intense, somewhat bitter, spicy flavor – which reminds some of mustard – and a golden yellow color that makes it a perfectly identifiable seasoning.

Turmeric is a plant that is characterized by its  intense yellow or mustard color  and its peculiar flavor, which gives pleasure to many foods. As a star ingredient of alternative medicine is priceless.


The fact that people talk about it wherever you go is no accident. If you are on a healthy diet, the food we are going to present is not going to leave you indifferent. Keep reading because turmeric has come to stay and it has a lot to give of itself.

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What is turmeric?

Turmeric is the extract of  Turmeric longa , a plant belonging to the family of the Zingiberáceas and that has its origin in the southwest of India.

  • It is an extraordinary superfood from which the tumeric is extracted  , that is, the spice that gives the dishes that peculiar yellow color and a strong flavor
  • As for  curcumin , it is a polyphenol that is present in this spice and that has been used for more than 3,000 years in Ayurvedic medicine
  • It will help us to prevent from  heart disease , because it reduces cholesterol, to  depressive disorders , by helping to have a better mood
  • Apart from in India, its consumption is widespread throughout  Southeast Asia
  • It has  both a gastronomic and medicinal use , which makes it a very versatile plant
  • Currently, it is considered one of  the most powerful natural antioxidants
  • Its  immunomolator power  is also striking, along with its anti-microbial, hepato-protective and cardiovascular protective properties


If you want to know much more about the fashion antioxidant, stay with us because we have a lot to tell you.

What are its medicinal properties?

The medicinal properties of turmeric do not seem to end. Dealing with her numerous ailments and preventing many others is in your hand. Turn it into your best ally at the table as it is especially recommended for:

  • The treatment of liver problems.  Those who try it do not want to do without this  natural bile tonic  that is responsible for protecting liver functions. This is due to curcumin, which as we have said is what gives it its striking orange-yellow color. At the same time, it is anti-inflammatory, it has the capacity so that we can make an optimal digestion when we eat too much, it intervenes in the removal of stones from the gallbladder and stimulates liver drainage. It is especially indicated for patients with liver and gallbladder disorders, as well as for those diagnosed with jaundice or cirrhosis.
  • Reduces heartburn.  Whenever you eat very spicy or fried foods, turmeric will prevent you from having stomach consequences. As a stomach tonic it will promote the secretions of gastric and pancreatic juices, which will make digestion easier. Thus, it is advised for all those who suffer from slow digestion, lack of appetite, chronic gastritis or dyspepsia. For this it is recommended to take a dose of 500 mg of powder, 4 times daily.
  • Avoid annoying flatulence.  Being a carminative plant, it will facilitate the elimination of the gases that you have lodged in the intestine. Take it for flatulence, for stomach atony and to avoid suffering intestinal cramps.
  • Relieves arthritis.  Those with rheumatoid arthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome (which is associated with excessive use of the computer and mobile phone), can take advantage of its anti-inflammatory properties. In those cases in which the painkillers no longer have the desired effect or high doses of them are required, it is better to use turmeric to achieve the desired well-being.

In general, at the anti-inflammatory level, several studies show that the protein called  Kappa B nuclear factor  is the culprit of inflammation and is also greatly increased with age. What needs to be done to alleviate its unwanted effects is to modulate it and for this nothing like turmeric that has inhibitory effects on it. At the same time, it also inhibits the metabolism of what is known as arachidonic acid and the activities of certain enzymes such as cyclooxygenase, lipoxygenase and cytokines, among which interleukins stand out.


  • As a natural antidepressant it is highly valued.  Generation after generation traditional Chinese medicine has been making use of this remedy with which to treat depression and all disorders that are related to a bad mood. It is shown that the consumption of turmeric extract or turmeric powder stimulates the nervous system, also positively affecting the immune system and mood. Thus, it increases serotonin production and reduces stress. It is especially indicated for patients with emotional or seasonal depression.
  • Prevents heart disease.  With this formidable substance you can fight heart ailments, both at the level of prevention and treatment. Along with it, you will see your cholesterol and triglyceride levels reduced. When it comes to cholesterol levels, it lowers LDL (bad or low density) cholesterol levels and increases HDL (good or high density cholesterol). Another factor that results in the  reduction of cholesterol  is its intestinal absorption since they increase the conversion of cholesterol into bile acids, promoting the elimination of the latter.

If you also observe an adequate diet with abundant fruits and barely fat and fried, your chances of suffering from cardiovascular accidents such as heart attacks will significantly decrease.

  • Increase your defenses.  This spice increases the body’s immune modulating response, which has to thank some of its nutrients such as polysaccharides, copper or zinc. It is good to be a forecaster and take it before certain stressful events such as an exam time.
  • Protects the body from the action of free radicals.  Its harmful effects are capable of being neutralized by turmeric, extracting from the organism all its negative effects and what makes us sick.
  • End respiratory problems.  With turmeric you can treat the dreaded bronchitis, because curcumin has an enormous anti-inflammatory and antibronchial action. Perfect to stand up to Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), it is especially advised in patients who have respiratory problems, given its anti-inflammatory, antibronchial and antioxidant actions.
  • Adjust the menstruation cycles.  The uncomfortable symptoms before the period are relieved with turmeric, such as headaches and belly pains. As for the cycles, they are regulated. Now, so that ovulation is not affected, it is advised not to consume this spice too much.
  • It exerts antimicrobial action.  Its active ingredients usually help to eliminate microbes and it is a good home remedy against salmonella, since it has an important antifungal activity that joins its ability to eliminate gram positive batteries.
  • Help in the treatment of certain types of cancers.  Given that it has 10 anti-cancer compounds, it is ideal for those who suffer from colon, skin, duodenal or breast cancer. It is optimal, among other things, to overcome the side effects of your treatments.
  • Protects against kidney problems.  Some of the pathologies against which you can see yourself favored by consuming it are albuminonuria, hypoalbuminemia, hyperlipidemia and proteonuria.

Similarly, it also promotes kidney health by decreasing the effect of free radicals and increasing glutathione as it increases the exercise of glutathione peroxidase. As for curcumin, it contributes to the elimination of lipid peroxidation in microsomes and mitochondria.

A natural antioxidant and anti-inflammatory

First of all, make it clear that talking about turmeric is not the same as doing curcumin. Even sometimes both become confused with curry.

On the one hand  , turmeric , also called  “Azufre de Indias”  is one of the spices used to make curry, although it is much more than that, because as we have been saying it is a plant that not only enjoys gastronomic properties but also of unmatched medicinal benefits. It is taken from what is known as rhizome or root of the turmeric plant itself.


On the other hand,  curcumin  is the antioxidant ingredient of turmeric, which is attributed to its orange-yellow color and the circumstance is that in places like Tobago or Trinidad, where curry is usually consumed, breast cancer levels and of other tumors decrease significantly.

However, its benefits go beyond and lead to the achievement of improvements in diseases such as  diabetes and cerebral aneurysms , since the more curcumin is found in the bloodstream, the more an enzyme whose name is  plasma catalase will be produced , which acts as a protector against cerebral aneurysms that can even be fatal.

It is also ideal for treating neurodegerative disorders such as  Parkinson’s disease and to end depression .

Finally,  curry  is a spicy sauce. A delicious dish known in every corner of the planet but that has a special acceptance in South and Southeast Asia.

Contraindications of turmeric

Even the most natural of foods can have some contraindication, therefore, in the case of turmeric, theirs are focused on  advising the reduction of their consumption to pregnant women or those who are breastfeeding . Nor is it indicated for people who suffer from gallbladder problems   or for those who suffer  from gastroesophageal reflux disease  (GERD), as it can aggravate their situation. Those who have just undergone an operation should also avoid its consumption, since it delays the process of blood clotting and can cause bleeding.

Turmeric with honey bees: a priceless remedy

Mixing honey and turmeric is an excellent remedy, rich in nutrients and essential to end the symptoms of the flu and muscle aches. Get in the car of the combination of this spectacular yellow spice and the rich honey of bees and start benefiting from its advantages.

If you want to strengthen your body and enjoy good health, this tasty mixture is waiting for you. Both are natural ingredients that also have  anti-inflammatory, analgesic and antioxidant action , which end with different types of diseases and diseases of the human body.


As the natural antibiotic it is, honey is the perfect complement to this spice and together they are known as  “golden honey.”  With it you will say goodbye much faster to colds, flu and joint pain.

Curcumin against depression

Curcumin is able to cross the blood-brain barrier and has a large number of neuroprotective properties, while being an effective weapon to fight depression. For these purposes, medical studies reveal that it is a safe substance, that it is well tolerated and that it has an effective action among patients with depression and even in those with anxiety.

On the other hand, curcumin is also revealed as a potent way to improve neuropsychiatric disorders such as PTSD, which responds to its acronym in English, major depressive disorder,  autism , bipolar disorder and obsessive disorder. compulsive (OCD).

Probably this ability of curcumin is closely related to the fact that this substance  relieves inflammation , which can be so detrimental to psychiatric diseases. Moreover, it has been shown that gastrointestinal inflammation greatly increases the risk of depression.

Thus, chronic low-grade inflammation usually accompanies all these diseases. The impact that inflammation has on human behavior is called psychoneuroimmunology and is a field in which curcumin can make a great contribution.

Special precautions and warnings:

Pregnancy and lactation : During pregnancy and lactation, turmeric is likely to be SAFE when taken by mouth in amounts commonly found in food. However, turmeric is unlikely to be safe when taken orally in medicinal amounts during pregnancy. It can promote a menstrual period or stimulate the uterus, putting the pregnancy at risk. Do not take medicinal amounts of turmeric if you are pregnant. There is not enough information to rate the safety of medicinal amounts of turmeric during breastfeeding. It is better not to use it.

Video on the  benefits of turmeric

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