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Ginkgo Biloba – Its incredible properties and benefits

The  ginkgo biloba  or ginkgo  (Salisburia adiantifolia Smith)  is a medicinal plant whose origin is in China and has countless jobs because of their  huge variety of properties  and the many benefits it provides to our health.

The extract of the leaves of this tree, which is also called the tree of forty shields, is considered today  one of the most effective natural remedies when it comes to combating those circulatory disorders that are associated with the passage of time . For this and for many other reasons that we are going to let you know, top the list of superfoods that should not be missing in your diet.

What is Ginkgo Biloba and what is it for?

The ginkgo biloba, a really majestic bearing tree, has a pyramidal or conical shaped crown whose bark has a brown gray hue and the leaves, which are light green, have a peculiar fan shape. It is a dioecious tree (with both female and male flowers that sprout in different trees), although it does not usually bloom.

From him we can say that:

  • Ginkgo  originating in Japan, eastern China and Korea , being considered one of the species with more years that exist
  • There is currently only one species left, the ginkgo biloba that  has resisted even the atomic bombs that were dropped on Hiroshima
  • Its high resilience and extraordinary longevity  have earned it a place of honor in traditional Japanese and Chinese medicine
  • In these traditional medicines, this plant  has been used for more than two thousand years
  • You will find ginkgos in big cities like  Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Lisbon, London, Buenos Aires or New York
  • Given its high capacity to resist pollutants, it is not only found in gardens and parks but also  in streets, avenues and plazas
  • In autumn it acquires a golden color  that can only be classified as absolutely spectacular
  • For the Buddhist religion it is a sacred tree , so his followers plant it in temples and near the pagodas
  • With this simple gesture the Buddhists are recognizing their great merit when it comes to  surviving in the toughest conditions
  • One of the most popular medications that ginkgo contains is the  Tanakene  that fights the symptoms of brain failure
  • While some people doubt its effects, for many others its  attributions are absolutely undeniable

If you are beginning to be curious about this ancient tree, stay with us and you will discover how much it can do for you.

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Properties of Ginkgo Biloba

Despite what skeptics may consider, this tree is undoubtedly one of the best formulas with which to treat a large number of conditions. Not surprisingly, in China it began to be used as soon as it became known.

Today this millenary plant is  one of the star ingredients of many products belonging to the pharmaceutical industry , mainly of all those that are characterized by being naturists. It is usually sold in capsules since it is a very simple way to consume it.

The  aesthetic industry  has also been very favored thanks to this plant that has as one of its main properties  the prevention of premature aging , one of the essential concerns of the majority of the population, regardless of whether they are women or men.

As we have been saying, among its properties is the  promotion of blood circulation  that is accompanied by a huge variety of benefits for all those who ingest it daily.

Along with this we must also highlight that it  has a large number of antioxidants , such as flavonoids, a center where a wide range of health benefits begins.

If you want to feel better than ever inside and that this is reflected on the outside, ginkgo biloba is your solution.

Benefits of Ginkgo Biloba

Although some of its benefits we have already mentioned, others will surprise you equally, because the truth is that the benefits of this plant do not seem to have an end and among them the following are worth mentioning:

  • Improve vision  So it is especially indicated for the preservation of sight in the best possible conditions by those who suffer from diabetes and glaucoma. Being degenerative diseases, it never hurts to try to stop its progress with a product whose regular consumption helps to slow down vision loss.
  • Prevent premature aging.  Effect that is due to the action of antioxidants and the elimination of free radicals, which allows skin to look more radiant than ever.

To the extent that it will protect you from UV rays, wrinkles and other signs of aging will take longer to appear, so you will continue to show off a shiny and smooth skin for much longer.

  • Improve memory  The frenetic pace of life that we lead in today’s society is rarely associated with memory losses, although they may also be due to other causes.

If you have reached a point where you need memory stimulation and even an improvement in the learning process, few products can help you as much as the one we have in hand.

The reason is none other than the fact that it will dilate your blood vessels so that blood can run better throughout your body, and therefore also through the brain. This entails an improvement in oxygenation and an optimization of all bodily functions, with memory not being an exception.

  • Say goodbye to tired legs syndrome.  An evil that affects women more because it is motivated, among other factors, by the use of heels.

Also certain jobs, such as those in the hospitality or hairdressing sector, which force the professionals who perform them to stand up many hours a day give rise to it. The legs begin to feel too heavy and you hardly have the strength to move them. The origin of the problem is in poor blood circulation. Once the vessels have dilated, the blood will begin to circulate again without any problem.

  • End the cramps. The cramps are really annoying and make no distinction between sexes or ages. Moreover, even athletes are prone to suffer in the event that once they finish exercising they do not carry out the appropriate stretching. They may also suffer if they exercise more properly, because the effect of lactic acid will not wait.
  • Prevent the appearance of varicose veins. A problem that begins being aesthetic when the first small varicosities appear and that can end up being of health in the event that they persist and get worse. Although it tends to affect women more, men do not get rid of them either.

If you are prone to suffer from them, think that among its possible complications is that the veins and arteries become blocked, and can lead to a thrombosis that, if not treated in time, would put the health of the sufferer at serious risk. Thus, you will also avoid problems of intermittent claudication and cerebral insufficiency.

  • Fight against migraine. Migraines and dizziness are some of the pathologies that ginkgo biloba can help fight. Those who have a tendency to suffer them say that, at a minimum, this plant tends to delay its episodes, given the great improvement experienced in blood supply.
  • Provide vitality. Regular consumers of this plant point out as one of its effects that provides energy to the body, thus avoiding the feeling of tiredness that at one point accompanies us all, but that attacks more the elderly and which can end up leading to certain states of depression.
  • Mitigate the symptoms of pre menstrual syndrome (PMS). This syndrome without being serious at all, it is quite annoying for the vast majority of women, who complain about the inflammation that tend to suffer those days, among other aspects.

This is where the anti-inflammatory action of ginkgo biloba plays a key role, which is also able to mitigate the pain that sometimes appears during those days, allowing you to continue carrying out your usual activities.

  • Help the recovery of cardiovascular accidents. When a person suffers a cardiovascular accident (CVA), he needs an adequate improvement of blood circulation and an optimal level of cerebral oxygenation.

In this sense, ginkgo biloba stimulates the activation of blood supply, which necessarily entails the recovery of all those functions that the body may have lost once it suffered the cardiovascular accident.

How to take ginkgo biloba

We have already made reference to the fact that the seeds and leaves of ginkgo biloba have been used in traditional Chinese medicine for more than two thousand years, although today  its consumption is focused on its leaves, which are marketed in standardized extract or on its leaves dry, with which to make infusions . As for the seeds, they have stopped being taken because they are considered toxic.

As for their presentations they can be the most diverse and include, in addition to the  capsules  (which can be combined with other natural substances such as witch hazel or cypress ), the liquid extract bottles, the antivaricosos gels and the tincture.


In its rich composition not lacking substances such as  acids  ascorbic palmitic, oleic, linoleic alpha, citric, gadoleic, stearic; amino acids such  as arginine, cysteine, cystine, valine, isolecucin, tryptophan, methionine, lysine, phenylalanine or serine; sheet apigenin sugars such  as sucrose, fructose, raffinose and glucomannan; terpenic lactones such  as bilbálido and ginkgólidos; leucoanthocyanosidesginkgolic acidGinkgolide A, B and C  (ginkgolide); bilobalide or bilobálido; flavonoids such as flavanol glycosides (bilobetin, ginkgetina, ginkgetol and isoginkgetina), quercetin, apigenin, siringetol, camferol and flavonoid glycosides (quercetol, kenferol, isorramnetol and rutinosides)  minerals such  as calcium, phosphorus, iron, potassium, magnesium, copper, manganese zinc and sodium; fiber and vitamins such  as ascorbic acid (vitamin C) and thiamine (vitamin B1).

Containdications and side effects

In spite of being an absolutely natural product and that, ingested in the appropriate doses hardly entails any type of health risk, the truth is that the ideal thing before starting to take this plant is to have all the information about it.

It is also advisable to consult with the attending physician before the start of such a long-term treatment, more so it is decided to perform for memory losses or if it is to be administered to the elderly.

Nor should pregnant women , those  who bleed frequently or those who are taking medications that fluidize the blood or those who suffer from epileptic seizures or have had episodes of seizures take ginkgo biloba  . In children under five years of age its administration is not advisable, due to their young age.

As for its possible  side effects , those that have been described are mostly associated with inappropriate or excessive shots that include dizziness, headache, stomach upset and skin irritation.

Regarding  unwanted interactions , some related to groups of medications have also been described, including some anti-inflammatories, antidepressants, seizure medications, liver medications and drugs such as warfarin and aspirin. Other fluidizers and anticoagulants should also be taken into consideration.