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Echinacea – Properties and benefits of this prodigy plant

Without a doubt, the most frequent use of  echinacea , and for which it is best known, is to reduce the symptoms of the common cold. This is due to the two main properties of this plant, that is, its ability to strengthen and boost the immune system – it is a natural antibiotic capable of activating our leukocyte production – and as an anti-inflammatory. 

It is shown that echinacea helps to reduce  fever , mucus and  cough associated not only with the cold but also with other diseases of the respiratory system, thereby facilitating and accelerating the recovery process, and although to some extent it contributes to its prevention, Medical studies do not confirm definitively that by taking it in advance we can avoid these pathologies, although they minimize their effects. 

Echinacea – Properties and benefits of this prodigy plant

Echinacea, Echinacea angustifolia, Echinacea purpurea or Echinacea  pallida  is a perennial shrub of the Asteraceae family, native to the United States whose beautiful purple flowers have long petals. It began to be used centuries ago by North American Indians to heal the wounds that occurred in battles.



Already in the 21st century it began to be appreciated as an  excellent natural antibacterial remedy.  Today it is considered a plant most coveted for its therapeutic properties and its popularity rises to the speed of the foam.

If you have not tried echinacea yet, we encourage you to do so because its multiple benefits will be noticed in your health and beauty.

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What is echinacea?

Echinacea is a very powerful medicinal plant that, it is enough that it be taken in short periods of time so that the effect is the  strengthening of the immune system . As a superfood it is of radiant actuality and if it is taken in the appropriate dose it will serve you, among many other things, to:

  • Strengthen the  immune system and protect the organs
  • Treat  respiratory infections such  as common colds or colds, the flu, sinusitis or laryngitis
  • In winter it also serves to  prevent the referred infections
  • Increase energy and give vitality
  • Purify and clean  liver, lungs and kidneys
  • It helps prevent  autoimmune diseases such as cancer
  • Acts as a  healing of external wounds
  • It improves  blood circulation
  • It has  anti-inflammatory properties
  • Mitigates  the discomfort of sore throat, respiratory conditions and cough
  • It is a   most powerful natural antibiotic
  • Protects  the airways  that are affected by tobacco, smoke or pollution in general
  • It is ideal for  respiratory infections such as pharyngitis, bronchitis or nasopharyngitis
  • Especially advisable for when you have  a high fever
  • Strengthens  white blood cells , destroying and preventing germs
  • Treat  urinary system infections such  as cystitis or syphilis
  • It is  a strong antiallergic
  • Fight against diseases of the circulatory system, such as septicemia or rheumatism
  • Fights  gum infections such  as gingivitis and periodontitis
  • Improve  migraines
  • It is effective against  styes
  • It helps  prevent tonsillitis
  • Act against  the indigestion
  • Treat  urinary tract infections
  • Kill the  candida albicans
  • Fight against  MRSA infections  (Staphylococcus aureus)
  • Relieves  dental pain , even after going through an oral surgery operation
  • Palia skin diseases of the  eczema, psoriasis or herpes type
  • Treat  bites, boils and burns
  • Mitigates the effects of  hemorrhoids and abscesses
  • Reduces the chances of getting influenza by 85% 


Its intake is also recommended in cases of patients whose attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) has been detected  .

Recent studies show that for a long time echinacea was used by German and Swiss doctors as a natural antibiotic with which to stand up to bacteria. But you still don’t know anything about the properties of this plant, stay with us because we have so much to tell you …

Nothing more effective against the flu

It is very likely that you have heard about the wonders of echinacea to fight the flu and it is that this plant inhibits the influenza A virus, directly affecting it. This has been one of the latest discoveries made about this food whose antibacterial and antiviral activity was already known  .

Unlike vaccines that are activated exclusively against a specific disease, echinacea works by stimulating the general activity of cells that are responsible for fighting infections of all kinds.

Thus, millions of people around the world use it for its beneficial effects on the cells of the immune system , stimulating the production of T cells and interferon , a protein that stimulates the system. At the same time, it stimulates the internalization of foreign bodies by immune cells in order to remove them from the circulation, increasing the ability of immune cells to go to the site of infection.

Similarly, pharmaceutical preparations containing echinacea can be used as  a preventive method to avoid colds in the winter season , beginning to be taken at the same time when their first symptoms begin to be appreciated and effectively contributing to their relief, shortening the duration of such process.

It is important to keep in mind that these are viral processes and that, therefore, the use of antibiotics is contraindicated. On the contrary, echinacea is a natural product that is having an important follow-up by medical communities.

A natural herb from the daisy family whose health benefits are being revealed by numerous scientific studies. This endemic plant in Central and Eastern America brings countless health benefits.

Therefore,  preventing contagion  also involves observing a balanced diet in which fruits and vegetables abound, try not to expose ourselves to sudden changes in temperature and take pharmaceutical preparations based on echinacea that reinforce the body’s natural defenses.

This prodigious herb, apart from helping the immune system as a whole, is an excellent remedy against diseases that affect the gums, tonsillitis, fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue syndrome, typhoid fever, syphilis and bloodstream infections .

Start taking echinacea and your winters will not be the same …


Properties and medicinal benefits of echinacea

Among the main  properties  of echinacea are two:

  • Antimicrobial : what makes this plant a perfect alternative to chemical antibiotics. Its properties help to eliminate all types of viruses as well as fungi and bacteria that tend to lodge in our body.
  • Increased defenses:  its active compounds such as ecuinacin, chicoric acid and caffeic acid reinforce the immune system, by increasing the production of white blood cells, which is a natural defense with which the body fights infections.

Regarding its  benefits , it is not only indicated for the cure of diseases, but also for:

  • Reduce acne  The annoying and unsightly acne of teenagers is largely calmed by echinacea, as it significantly reduces inflammation of those skin tissues that are affected.
  • Fight wrinkles  This plant contains tannins, which fulfill a primary function in the contraction of skin cells. Thanks to this function the appearance of wrinkles can be reduced by up to 55%. For this reason, you will find many cosmetic products that have been enriched with echinacea extracts. Will this plant be the “elixir of eternal youth”?
  • Avoid hair loss.  Take echinacea and prepare to show stronger and healthier hair than ever, as it is responsible for curbing hair loss, positively influencing its growth. The reason is none other than the increased blood circulation in the scalp, which causes hair follicles to strengthen. Keep this in mind when buying your shampoo.
  • Remove dandruff.  Its benefits on the hair seem to have no end because it is an extraordinary natural remedy to end the dreaded dandruff. Say goodbye to stinging and trouble, because you know that sometimes it is more than obvious that this irritation is suffering.
  • It is the ideal complement to your diet.  Its  richness in proteins, in vitamins A, C and E, in iron and in copper , make echinacea the perfect complement to be ingested in the form of infusion or supplement, thus managing to benefit from how many nutritional properties it has. And we have not told you the best, because its flavor is delicious, very similar to that of the You can not resist its charms.
  • It helps adapt the organism for seasonal changes , by increasing defenses and protecting the airways


Its main component is the  alchemists  that are responsible for improving circulation, as well as protecting and strengthening the immune system. Other components that stand out are: phenolic acids, complex polysaccharides, fatty acids, essential oils and indole alkaloids that make echinacea a magnificent natural antibiotic with which to stand up to respiratory system infections.


How to take echinacea

The treatment of echinacea should not exceed the time or the dose that is established. It will be enough for you to consume it for a period of time ranging from 5 to 10 weeks so that your immune system is strengthened and able to fight various respiratory problems and infections.

You can take it  for 7 weeks and establish a 2-3 week rest , as it is the most recommended way for our body to absorb the enormous amount of medicinal properties that this plant has.

Echinacea has the most diverse presentations because it is a plant that almost all its parts take advantage of. You can find them in capsules, as an infusion, in drops, in tablets …

As for the  dose , as it is logical, it varies according to the age, weight or disease of the person although it would be normal to ingest doses that range between  800 mg and 2 grams a day  that can be in capsule form  , while the cold persists and always with water and before or after meals.

If  you drink it as an infusion , you can drink  5 cups a day  when the first cold symptoms appear. Reduce one cup a day until you have reached 5 days of treatment. In case the symptoms persist, you should consult your doctor.

If you take it in  drops , you can take 20 drops of this plant every 2 hours on the first day of symptoms. From there, take  20 drops 3 times a day for a maximum of 10 days.

If you are going to take echinacea in  tablets , the optimal amount is  2 tablets daily for 5 days.

Contraindications of echinacea

Although it is a most natural product, echinacea is known some contraindications so  its consumption should be avoided  in the following cases:

  • If you are  pregnant or breastfeeding
  • If you suffer from ailments such as  lupus, multiple sclerosis or rheumatoid arthritis , they may worsen the symptoms of these conditions
  • If you have been diagnosed with an  immune system disorder
  • If you consume  immunosuppressive drugs , as it hinders the synthesis of those that are eliminated through the liver  or drinks with caffeine , since echinacea reduces the ability with which our body usually breaks down caffeine

Read more about the  contraindications of echinacea .


You should pay special attention to the possible  allergic reactions  that can be suffered when consuming echinacea, especially in children under 12 years, such as rashes in the style of hives, increased asthma or respiratory problems or anaphylaxis (immune reaction of the organism in general ).

In any case, what is convenient to avoid is an excessively prolonged consumption.