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This knowledge that we will share with you today will allow you to learn how to work with cold porcelain to become an expert and earn extra money.

We must start knowing what are the necessary tools to model cold ceramics.

We will need

Plastic and metal stems and bobbins

Envoplast or film paper

Bags with closure

A container with a lid

Wet wipes

Bottle with water

An anime plate

Wooden sticks


Spheres and Anime Cones

Vegetable oil

Roll for kneading

Paintings of all kinds

To knead

Cold ceramics should be very well kneaded, otherwise unpleasant cracks could remain

We must avoid this because when drying out our projects can be cracked

It would be a shame to lose so much work and effort

A good technique is to bring the dough to the center by always pressing and trying to eliminate any wrinkles that we see


We can do this process in the same hand or at a table, but the important thing is to be comfortable

I suggest that you love in the form of a sphere, since almost everything that is done in cold ceramics starts with a small ball

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All about the mass

One of the characteristics of the dough is its softness and elasticity

It can be dyed with acrylics, cold paints, oil or tempera

To stick it you must use wood glue preferably

Cold ceramics do not require baking because it dries at room temperature


When drying the mass loses between 15 and 20% of its initial volume

It is important that the dough always remains wrapped in plastic bags or film without leaving any air to prevent it from drying out

It is also recommended to refrigerate it for at least 24 hours no more because it can leave fungi

Then when we are going to use leave it outside until the cold comes out for 2 or 3 hours

Tips to color your flexible pasta projects

Materials that we can use to paint our cold porcelain

Oil Painting: this is ideal to give color to the 
cold porcelain, since with a minimum amount you can paint a lot of paste

In addition to having intense and bright colors that allow a beautiful finish

Has greater durability can remain intact for 2 to 3 years without problems

Its base is oil and prevents our project from drying out quickly

There are lots of colors and you can combine them to get others

If you stain lavas and ready as new

Tempera : This type of painting is very tenuous and no matter how much you place it, it will always give pastel colors

They are very economical and can be used by children to paint the paste, they are available anywhere

Vegetable Painting : it will also help us to color the cold porcelain

Comes in two presentations in powder and liquid

In my opinion it is better in liquid since powder will never generate dark colors always pastels

It is not toxic and is very du COLD PORCELAIN TO EARN MONEY OR HAVE FUNradera

It is easy to find and very economical

It has some disadvantages like the fact that it dries the pasta a little

It is difficult to integrate the color to the mass

The colors are very clear

It stains the skin and costs to remove it

Acrylic paint : It is easy to find, economical, there are many combinable colors, the colors are more intense

It is also washable, the disadvantages are that it costs a lot to integrate the paste, dry it a little, stain and dry too fast

Important tips to learn how to work with cold porcelain

  1. It will never be the same cold porcelain color freshly painted to the color when it dries since the tone will rise by 100% or 200%
  2. So remember to give one or two low tones you want to get
  3. I recommend you take a piece of dough the tinea and verify what is the color resulting when drying
  4. If you want to obtain intense colors apply oil paint to cause this effect if you do not use the other two options I noted above
  5. You can also apply a white layer before using the paints of your choice, this is to obtain a matt effect


To learn how to work with cold porcelain  you should get


Ingredients for 250gr of flexible dough

1 cup filled with flour corn starch

1/2 Cup of thick white glue with 2 count of pure glycerin (to hydrate the paste and prevent it from being cut) or special glue for cold porcelain.

1 small spoon full of cream with lanolin (can be any brand)

Teflon frying pan so that the mixture does not stick

Plastic pallet

The paste will last approximately 2 weeks, since it does not contain preservatives

If you want to last longer you can add a teaspoon of citric acid to preserve food

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In a thick Teflon pan we place the snow cream and the glue or carpenter’s resistol

We always mix the mixture well with the plastic or wood palette, until it is perfectly incorporated.

Then we put a flour rate on the previous ingredientsCOLD PORCELAIN TO EARN MONEY OR HAVE FUN

We continue stirring until it becomes a 100% homogeneous mixture

It is recommended that if you are doing this for the first time, start with a cup of flour

If you want you can go increase the amount little by little


The mixture should remain similar to pancake dough or hot cakes

It is important that all the resistol or glue is well incorporated into the cream and flour

When this is so then it will be ready to be placed on the fire

I recommend again that if it’s the first time you learn how to work with cold porcelain, mix the mixture

Tips to care for cold porcelain

  • The first thing we should know is that after having our porcelain list we have to seal it COLD PORCELAIN TO EARN MONEY OR HAVE FUNvery well
  • In other words, when we store it, it must be in an airtight bag with no air to prevent it from hardening
  • It is not necessary to refrigerate it but in two or three weeks it is convenient to remove it from the packaging and knead it a little
  • To knead it is advisable to do it with cream enriched with lanolin
  • If you still feel very dry you can add a few drops of pure glycerin or children’s oil

When you have to work with the dough just take out of the bag the amount you need and the rest you save it so it does not dry out

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