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You have asked yourself how to make figures in porcelain , because now we will tell you how to make them very easily.

The porcelanicron, also known as cold porcelain, flexible mass, Russian porcelain, cold porcelain, cold ceramics, among other names.

With it you can make different decorations for the home, souvenirs for baptisms, weddings or communion.

Even with this you can start a prosperous business, making original pieces with a lot of imagination and using your own hands.

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How to Make Figures in Porcelanicron

A Beautiful Portallaves


To make this piece you will need the following materials:

Cold porcelain

Acrylic paint



Step one

To begin, you must choose the model of the piece that you are going to make, in this case you are going to create a keychain.

Find the model that you like the most.

You must prepare now the cold porcelain, if you acquire it already ready you have no problem to use it immediately.

If you are going to prepare the dough for yourself, you must prepare it in advance before using it.

Prepare the brush, preferably use a medium tip.

Locate some metal hooks.

Step Two

Make a large ball with cold porcelain and flatten it to make a rectangle.

Try to be approximately one centimeter thick.

The edges can be flattened with the help of a wooden pallet.

Decorate with some flowers made of cold porcelain.

You can make them very easily, if you crush small balls of dough to form the petals.

The petals fix them to the peloticas crushed to form a beautiful daisy.

Use a couple of small tears to create the leaves and sandwiched between the flowers.

You almost know how to make figures in porcelain , we will continue.

Final Steps

After you have the details of the piece almost ready, just lack color.

Use the acrylic paints and the brush to apply the color that you like the most.

You can make the combinations you want, the more colors you give, the more striking it will be.

Fix the metal hooks to the base where you want to place the keys.

Then take it to the oven for the time and at the temperature indicated in the instructions.

Keep in mind to read the back of the paintings, as some are used after baking the piece.

Ready! You already have a practical key holder for your home.

In addition to useful is very beautiful and serves as an ornament.

Various Figures


We will continue learning how to make figures in porcelain easily.

On this occasion we will make several figures starting from the same pattern.

You will need the following materials:

Cold porcelain

Wires (clip style)

Acrylic paintings


Craft knife

Tweezers, scissors, pallets


Step one

To begin, you must choose the figure you are going to make.

We go from the basic forms to create them, balls, ovals, strips, among others.

Prepare cold porcelain dough, whether you buy at craft stores or do it on your own.

Choose the acrylic paints that you will use, make sure they are bright colors so that the piece is very beautiful.

Prepare the brushes, use a medium tip to cover the surface of the piece more easily.

With a thin tip you can make small details, such as eyes, mouth, moles or whatever you need.

Step Two

With the cold porcelain mass, make some balls.

Now slowly flatten to give it the shape of a dragonfly’s body.

Use both hands to give the shape you need, it must be more oval towards the head and elongated towards the body.

Try to keep the base flat so it can stand on its own.

If you want you can put some paticas to make it look more real.

It also adds antennas, either with a little bit of dough or with pieces of golden wire.

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Let’s continue with how to make figures in porcelain.

Step three

After you have the shape you want, it is time to paint the piece.

For that you must begin by coloring the body of the dragonfly, you can place some moles of different colors.

Fix the antennas with a little glue.

Now let’s elaborate the face of a nice lion.

Make a small ball with the cold porcelain dough, then flatten it a bit until it forms an oval shape to form the head.

Now you must make another ball and flatten it until it is very thin.

Fix it to the lion’s head so that it stands out, this will be the mane.

It is time to color the piece, paint the head yellow and orange hair.

Make some details to make it look more real, for example: make a tiny ball of cold porcelain to make the nose.

Paint your eyes with the finest brush.

Now we are going to elaborate a delicate bottle.

Make a ball of dough and with both hands model to give the shape of a cylinder.

Take some cold porcelain to make the shape of the bottle cap.

Try to give it the shape it should traditionally have, wider down and finer towards the tip.

Glue the lid to the base of the bottle.

With the help of a knife, make a small cut on the tip where the milk is supposed to come from.

Color the body of the white bottle and the bottle color skin and the lid of another color depending on the sex of the baby, you can use pink or blue.

Final Steps

Place the pieces in the oven for the indicated time.

Usually 100 ° is used for 30 minutes, but you should check the porcelain instructions.

You can take thousands of ideas and make the shapes that you like the most.

It is quite simple because the cold porcelain mass is manageable and very soft.

If you put some magnets on the back of the figures you can place them in the fridge to decorate.

From these simple techniques you can start to create beautiful designs and a variety of figures.

I hope this article is very useful and you have learned in detail how to make figures in porcelain.

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