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In this opportunity we will teach you how to make dolls with cold porcelain  with which you can create wonders.

Porcelain is also called Russian pasta or French pasta.

Although it seems complex, its composition is mainly made with white glue and corn starch or cornstarch.

It can be handled very easy to work for its versatility, it serves to make beautiful and creative designs.

It can be dried alone at room temperature, without the need for any additional component, nor does it require cooking.

You can also dry it in the oven.

Do not forget to always knead the portion of dough very well, before giving it the shape you want.

First you must cut the parts and then assemble with glue.

Consider that the environmental temperature and humidity can affect the mass in the manufacturing process.

If it dries naturally, the drying time of a piece can vary according to its size, from a day to a week.

Afterwards, once the figure is dry you can use acrylic paints or oils, to give the final finish and apply all the details.

The cold porcelain in a pack can be stored in an airtight plastic bag to keep it better and prevent it from drying out.


Now, we will show you in simple steps how to make dolls with cold porcelain.

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Consider that:

Working with porcelain or cold porcelain, as in any other activity, has its secrets and some practical tricks.

Generally, these are discovered with daily practice but there are some basic tips that you should keep in mind before you start working.

I offer you some important suggestions so that you start on the right foot to elaborate your crafts.

They are practical tips that will be very useful when I show you how to make dolls with cold porcelain.

The most suitable material for sticking the different pieces of a porcelain figure is the vinyl glue.

To make figures of considerable size, as a thick character, a car, among other pieces.

Figures with a significant solid volume, expanded polystyrene covered with cold porcelain can be placed.

In this way, pasta is saved and the final result is much lighter.

If when making the dough it is very soft, you can leave it for a while in the open air to dry.

When you lose moisture, you will gain strength and you will be able to work better.


If otherwise the dough is too hard, you can add a spoonful of glycerin and then knead very well.

In this way we can distribute the substance and make the dough more manageable.

Unused dough should be stored in airtight containers.

If you leave it in an open space when in contact with the air it dries and hardens, to be more careful before putting it away you can wrap it in kitchen wrap paper.

Store in plastic bags with airtight seal, which are used to freeze food.

And finally put these bags in tight boxes, this is the best way to keep the dough in perfect condition.

If you decide to color the dough before modeling, you should keep in mind that the duration of the dough is smaller if it is subjected to this pigmentation.

For this reason it is convenient to paint only the portion of dough that you are going to use in a short time and go coloring later for later works.

When the dough is pigmented it is convenient to know that the color acquires a darker shade when it dries when it is moist.

You should also try not to abuse with excess paint, to prevent cracks from forming on the figure.

Keep these tips in mind when you learn how to make dolls with cold porcelain.

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How to make dolls with cold porcelain

It’s time to learn to make these funny dolls, so, to place accessories I’ll teach you how to make them.

They can serve you to use them at home, give them away or sell them, they are quite useful.


You will need the following materials:

Acrylic colors in pink, black, leather and yellow

Fine and medium brushes

Round wooden rod

Fine markers in black and red

White glue or vinyl glue

Knife and round tip

Step 1

The first step, you must elaborate is the base to place the legs of the doll, make a hole with two holes 2.5 cm on the wood.

In those cavities you will introduce the rods, simulate the legs.

Subsequently, after making the holes you must paint with acrylic and let dry the necessary time.

Cut two 8 cm long, paint with skin-colored acrylic and let stand until they are well dried.

Once cut, stick them in the holes in the wooden base.


Step 2

Make a pelotica of mass in foot color, flatten it slightly, let it dry and then paint the eyes and the mouth with the markers.

Finally, put a little color on the cheeks with red powder coloring.


Step 3

The little arms, the arms of the doll, you must model two rolls of dough and cup them at one end.

To do this, you will then place your hands, give them the shape you want and when they are ready, stick them to the wooden base, just in front.

Step 4

The little hands, that’s why we are going to model two little balls of skin color.

Apply them slightly, with a knife help you mark the fingers.

Finally, when finished, you adhere them with vinyl glue to the arms, simulating the movement you want to give them.

Step 5

The hair, you must model with black mass or the color you like ,.

Make two long tears, place them on both sides of the head and then fix them with vinyl glue.

Thus, the head will be finished, so stick it to the front of the wood, let it dry well.

Afterwards, you can include the accessories you want.

Step 6

The shoes, let’s make the shoes.

You must model a roll of dough and round one end.

Mark with the knife the sole, the stitching and the hollow, do not forget then you have to insert the wooden rod.

As you want, you can leave the shoes loose to be able to place rings or tails on the rods.

If so, let them dry and then, but stick them to your legs.

Ready … you know how to make dolls with cold porcelain, it  ‘s quite simple as you realized.


You know, like all manual work requires some practice to make it extraordinary, with some patience you will achieve it.

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Until next time!