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Maná (México) – Bio, acordes, wiki, wikipedia, net worth

Maná (Mexico
  • (1986 -) Maná

Facts about Maná (Mexico)

He was born :01 March 1986 | Mexico
Sign of the zodiac :Pisces

Biography of Maná (Mexico)

Maná (Mexico

The superstars of Latin rock,  Maná , are one of the biggest sellers of albums and tours sold in the history of Latin music.

In their native Mexico, they won hundreds of gold and platinum records and more than 50 number one hits worldwide, and won dozens of awards at the Grammys, Latin Grammys, Billboard Awards and MTV Video Music Awards. In addition, they have won the Premio los Nuestro 15 times and have sold more than 40 million records.

Maná  began in the Mexican city of Guadalajara in 1986 when the singer Fher Olvero , the guitarist  Ulises Calleros , the bass player  Juan Diego Calleros  (brother of Ulises) and the Cuban-Colombian drummer  Alex González , who initially signed with Polygram , joined  .

Dissatisfied with the direction the label wanted to take, they switched to Warner Music when their debut,  Falta Amor , was released in 1992. However, shortly after, Ulises left and was replaced by keyboardist  Iván González  and guitarist  Cesar López , who stayed with  Manna  only for his seminal album of 1994,  where will the children play? , the album that drove them to the ranks of Latin rock stardom. 
En Vivo , which captured the energy of the live Maná show, was released in 1995, the same year that the new guitarist  Sergio Vallín  made his first appearance with the band, on the album  Cuando los ángeles lloren .
After the presentation of  Liquid Dreams , in 1997,  Maná  began receiving great worldwide attention (particularly in the United States), which was consolidated after the release of MTV Unplugged in 1999 and an appearance on Carlos Santana’s Supernatural album with the song ” Corazón Espinado “.
The legendary guitarist returned the favor when he performed with  Maná  in  Revolución de Amor , in 2002, the album that definitely showed them the stars they were and won them a Grammy for Best Latin / Alternative Rock Album.
Four years later, the band’s sixth studio album,  Amar es combatir , was released, recorded at Hit Factory in Miami. In its first week, Amar Es Combatir became the most successful premiere for a group Spanish album, on the Billboard 200. 
The fans would wait another five long years for another Maná studio album  , although they did release a live album,  Arde el Cielo , in 2008.
Delayed several times,  Drama and Luz was finally released in 2011, and again it was a great success, breaking the Billboard Top Five and finally reaching the first place. 
After a world tour in which they sold 12 million tickets, including seven consecutive nights sold out at the Los Angeles Staples Center (a record), they took a well deserved break and only released a handful of singles in the next four years. 
They re-emerged with the pre-release single ” Mi Verdad “, with Shakira in duet with Olvero. Once released, it surpassed several lists of successes simultaneously.
The next studio album,  Cama Incendiada , marked the first time that the group worked with an external producer, George Noriega. Launched in April 2015, it reached number one in Spain, as well as Billboard’s best latin albums and Latin pop albums. In 2017, the band collaborated with Dhruv Kumar on “Creatures of Habit” on EP Pieces That Do Not Fit.